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The Future of Photography in a POST-COVID World

In the time of Covid what is the future of Photography? Here are some leads on How The Coronavirus Will Impact The Photography Industry by Olivier Vigerie.



The covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, at least in terms of individual and community awareness. This Pandemic is causing widespread concern and affecting businesses all around the world, from large corporations to small shops. Global stock markets have plunged, restaurants and the travel sector are getting hammered. But how will this affect the Photography Industry? It’s proving to be a very difficult time for work during this pandemic. Being a photographer, my work often required the existence of a budget and a project behind.

The world economy is on the brink of a recession and photographers are not exempt from the financial impact. Photography in modern times is more of a luxury good than a necessity, with its demand rising and falling with the incomes of clients. Many Photographers are in “Survival Mode” As a recession looms, we should anticipate demand for photography services, in general, to decrease. Of course, photographers who have built strong brands, with recurring clients and high demand may feel less of an impact. But we should, as an industry, brace ourselves for a temporary decline in revenue.

This is going to be a tough time for the photo and film industries. Events and social distancing requirements are resulting in a lot of canceled gigs, meaning a loss of income for many of you. Now is not the time for more gear purchases. Review your finances, see what you can do in the meantime, try to find supplemental income during this downtime, and put a plan into action. If you need to consult banks or creditors, many are offering assistance during this time period.

I’m trying to adapt and my advice to others would be to think from a client’s view as to what kind of imagery they may want which represents the times we are going through. I hope, things will return to some sort of normality in the not too distant future. In the meantime, Photographers Will Need to Adopt New Habits on Shoots. Hand sanitizer will become a must-have in a photographer’s camera bag. Non-contact, verbal-only posing skills will need to be developed to accommodate clients who prefer no physical contact. In general, photographers need to have a heightened awareness of what they are touching on the shoot, taking frequent breaks to wash their hands thoroughly.

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keep your head high! It’s a tough time for everyone and there’s no doubt we have challenging times ahead.

A typical photographer’s schedule is always busy, so I would advise to take this as an opportunity to give yourself some personal reflection time, try and diversify your business or varying the style of images you create. I have taken this opportunity to review my photo archive and make a new website and I have found a few images that I missed which have been fun to work on!

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This is a great time to build your brand,
strengthen your marketing efforts and weather the storm.

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A lot is changing during this time of Covid19. Urban space is used differently and cities like New York or Paris show an emptiness that has never been seen before. I made ten years ago a serie called Empty Shanghai as a sign before the pandemic.

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